Participate, track and crowd size events in real time

Massive events occur everyday

But how can we evaluate them?

Demonstrations, protests, and civilian movements are taking place all over the world, non-stop. Even if the biggest are made public through the media and communication networks, many protests seem fleeting, short-lived, or ultimately ineffective.

Crowd Count is a modern solution to record and crowd size events in real-time. By visiting with a smartphone, attendees can check-in and become part of a live map of global events.

Participation is anonymous. All that’s needed is a device’s position.

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Make a difference! Check-in and promote an event. Worldwide crowd activity is recorded in real time and analytics are published on Massive social gatherings should never be forgotten or trivialised.

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Create events

Visit with your smartphone and check-in. If no event exists, one will be created


During an event, visit with your smartphone and check-in to be included


Post messages relative to the event you are attending


Create trending topics, share live event links on your favorite social networks to generate interest


Go to and explore an interactive world map of live events

Crowd size

All events are tracked & sized in real time. Visit to search and analyse recorded data.